SKE48 Kizaki Yuria’s heavenly photo thread!!!

Watanabe Mayu: The safest and most trustworthy choice

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

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(News) Yukirin Solo Debut Date & Starring in a Drama & Own Record Label


Tomochin can ride a Unicycle!! (and 2 other stories on Tomochin and LinkinPark on Linkin Park)


So Tomochin can ride a unicycle…. “ I think she practiced probably…… in Shibuya. “ Itano△ (Itano-san Kakkei = Itano-san Kakkoii = Itano-san so cool) “I like Tomochin being able to do

Intriguing Relationship of Tomochin and Nyan


“It’s really like Kojima. I appreciated it.” “ Let’s team up to create an awesome thread!!“ Finally the time has come to create ChinNyaro threaaadddDDDD!!! “(Heart pounding…)“ Quickly, someone post

Let’s Get Healed By Tomochin


These days I sometimes miss so much Tomochin. Especially when I an having tough time, the members I turn to are Tomochin, and Takamina.It’s widely known she was a Yankee

The Relationship Between Tomochin and Takamina


In the earliest of earliest days, Takamina and Tomochin were always together, always. Almost all Takamina’s Prikura were taken with Tomochin. They often went out together around Shibuya.But after 2gen

SKE48 lifetime honorary KKS Matsumura Kaori to make solo debut from indie record label – KKS for lyfe


Yuasa Hiroshi (former SKE manager and current AKB48 manager):   Surprise! Matsumura’s solo debut is announced! Shiba Tomoya: Kaori Matsumura, solo project starts now! Matsumura Kaori: It looks like…. yeah,

If Tomochin Study English With The English Vocabulary Book…


Note: Original title used the commercial name of the book called “Target 1200 (English vocabulary book)“, which is widely used among high school students. “I think it’s sooooooooooo cute. “When I

Tomochin Doesn’t Get AkiP’s Dipction Of Triangle-Relationship


After 10 months of the release of her previous solo single Fuini, Tomochin hit the music scene with her highly anticipated new single Zyunengo no Kimihe. Music itself has completed

So why people fall in love with Tomochin-san? (Updated)


“Let’s think about it~~~~♪ “Fuini (Suddenly) “ロマンス、イラネ (Romnce Irane) “You know what? Itano△ (いたのさんかっけー = Itano-san so cool) is the common language in the world. “Because she is cute. “She

It’s Not That We Include Tomochin In 神, But She Is The Criteria For 神


“神7”, the term which can be traced back it’s roots to the birth of AKB48, Dec 8th 2005, the day AKB held it’s first Revue stage at AKB theater in

Tomochin Shedding Tears During Live Concert Of Lady Gaga


Watch how huge and exciting welcome she got at the airport and the concert venue during her latest trip in Japan, it’s probably okay to say Lady Gaga is one of the most

Following Jurina’s Medical Leave, Tomochin Fell In Ill Health


Tomomi Itano (板野友美) told fans that she got a fever on her G+ page. This message caused severe anxiety among fans even more because this comes in the middle of

Tomochin Held Mini-Live Concert At Yoyogi Park, Caused Little Controversy


Itano Tomomi of AKB48 is now under fire from Netizens attack. On 25th Apr, she held a free mini-live concert at open-air stage in Yoyogi park to commemorate the release

Tomochin Makes Appearance On The Front Cover Of June Issue ViVi Magazine


ModelPress reported,Tomotin will make an appearance on the front cover for June issue of fashion magazine “ViVi”(on sale 23th) together with a model Triendl Reina.In the magazine, their section is titled

Tomochin Loves Acchan, She Even Has Acchan On Her Chin!?


           --v--            /三三人三三 \ /)/)           /  /     \   ノ 00          / /        \(つ ノ          | /          |\ \          | |  二    二   |⌒\ \       

Takamina to sing a duet with Acchan (In Domoto), and to cook hot pot with Tomochin (In Mujack)!


Team N’s captain and 48G’s rising star Yamamoto Sayaka (left) and her teammate Sutou Ririka Team N’s first and only draft pick, Suto Ririka, sent a text message to team’s captain

Tomochin has stopped with her blonde hair!!! (and 2other topics on Mayuzaka and Paruru)


(News Flash) Tomochin has stopped with her blonde hair “Because I’ve got bored with it. 2012-07-12 21:57:58In order to make a clean startI darkened my hair which had long been

Sashihara Rino revealed another cute episode of Itano Tomomi aka Tomochin-san


as “Wait! Chintomo-san can’t take medicines without “Okusuri Nometame – the name of the jelly drink”?That’s exactly what I expect from Chiintomo-san!! “How she can have such a perfectly attractive

Celebrated Her 20th Birthday, Tomochin Goes Easy Looking Straight At Her Dream


As you all know, NikkanSport is conducting the special coverage of upcoming AKB’s general election in it’s paper issues. Today they focus on Tomochin (Tomomi Itano), who turned 20 this

I don’t know why, but I find myself gradually falling in love with Tomochin’s songs….


“I don’t know why, but I find myself gradually falling in love with her songs….” “Dear J, Fuini, Junengo no Kimihe….. I am not a fan of her… yet… I found myself