Sensual Gravure Photography of AKB48 Members!

AKB48 13th Gen Iwatate Saho aka Sahhoo shows her humanity for her fan who wants to Commit Suicide

There’re So Many Photos That Prove AKB48 Kato Rena Is A Serial Kisser

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

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The Legend of Kojiharu


Kojiharu is and will always be the most chilly girl in AKB48, but she is sometimes too chilly that resulted in deferring her high-school graduation for one year…. From yesterday’s

Happy Birthday Kojiharu!


Kojiharu just turned 24 y/o! Happy birthday NyanNyan!She tweeted she celebrated her birthday with members of team A (but there clearly are someones from other teams)!! Gorgeous!! Haruna G+ Haruna Twitter

(News) Yukirin Solo Debut Date & Starring in a Drama & Own Record Label


G+ Today Kojiharu & Mariko


Kojiharu is talking something about Takamina… ひそひそ (Kojiharu is saying something but it’s inaudible) Yuko and Nyan(Kojiharu) ひそひそ、 たかみなってさぁ…ちっちゃいよね。。(… Takamina is tiny, isn’t it Yuko?) Yuko and Nyan(Kojiharu) with thier miniature dolls

SKE48 lifetime honorary KKS Matsumura Kaori to make solo debut from indie record label – KKS for lyfe


Yuasa Hiroshi (former SKE manager and current AKB48 manager):   Surprise! Matsumura’s solo debut is announced! Shiba Tomoya: Kaori Matsumura, solo project starts now! Matsumura Kaori: It looks like…. yeah,

Kojiharu Is And Will Always Be The Most Chilly Idol For Our Generation


Once, like many people, I thought Kojiharu is the only cute girl in AKB48, or I should say I started my career as an AKB fan from Kojiharu. Today Kojiharu

Super Sexy Kojiharu and Yuko in White Mens Shirts


For Playboy Japan’s photoshooting, Kojiharu and Yuko made all of their male fans dream true. 大島優子(Yuko) – 11:54 – Mobile – 一般公開週プレの撮影を二人でやってます:-)  We are now at photoshoot session for Playboy Japan.楽しいよ~  Love it!

KOJIHARU teased Takamina about her position as「General Manager」


Kojiharu At Shiseido’s Promotional Event For Online Cosmetic Advisory Service


Haruna Kojima and Arisa Mizuki made appearance in the event hosted by Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido to promote the company’s online cosmetic advisory service on 21th May in Tokyo.Female bloggers

Kojiharu Guides You Hawaii in May Issue of Sweet Magazine!!


Haruna Kojima makes an appearance in the May issue of Sweet magazine. She invites you to the girly world by putting lingerie-like costumes, such as nudiy-pink color Bikini, romantic dress emphasizing

Any Objection To The Fact Kojiharu and Yuko Are The Sexiest Of All AKB48 Girls?


Among over 200 girls of AKB, in my humble opinion, the sexist girls are Kojiharu and Yuko, and I don’t think nobody would disagree with this. (But I know I

Yuko ‘You’re like Edison!’ Kojiharu ‘Yeah…. call me Edison……. Ejiharu!’


Following yesterday’s MariKoji’s (Mariko Shionoda and Haruna Kojima) failed(?) surprise, Nisshin revealed 2nd episode of this relay style commercial “ICE Cupnoodle” today on it’s official page and AKB’s official Youtube

[TV Recap] Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku · Kojiharu: instead of poo, rabbit comes out!


First of all, on behalf of the AKB48WrapUp Staff I’d like to apologize for the inactivity for the past few months or so. We’ve been so busy with our own

Kojiharu ‘Yuko, Miichan, 18 Year Later, Let’s Watch Solar Eclipse Together’


From around last night, 2 channel’s “Underground idol section” has been so much heated up as the election was about to start. But after they cast first votes for their

Kojiharu Drew Attention From Saitama City Mayor, Yuko Pushed It Into Center etc.


Mayor of Saitama-city reacted to Kojiharu’s twitter post. Kojiharu “Today’s Kenmin show features Saitama!!!”*Kenmin show is a weekly TV program features different cities and towns for each episode and introduce people’s

Mariko Failed To Draw Nice Surprise Reaction From Kojiharu In ICE Cupnoodle Light Commercial?


Nissin’s new commercial series for Cupnoodle light starts airing from today, which stars AKB’s popular members for each episodes. The first episodes of the commercial series stars Mariko Shinoda and

Matsui Jurina made Fujita Nana hyper by just standing there and 3 more on Kojiharu, Kojioji and Hilary


” Kojima-san…. lol  . ” Ohhhh my godness!! This is Kitagawa Kenji!!! ” Come on President! I can't help but laugh at your face lol ” LOL'd ” Kojima-san called

Chuu Kissed Show-Biz don Akiko Wada (and 4 other stories about Sexy Kojiharu, Komariko, JRA commercial and Haaemon)


Chuu Chuu-ed (Kissed) with her great senior, the don of the Hori production, Akiko Wada. “LOL She was so willingly kissing Akiko!!“Okay, tell me how they got to this situation…..“This was what happened

Team 4 got caught in Blackout in Shikansen on their way back home from Niigata (and 4 other stories on SKE girls, Micha’s new photo collage and Kojiharu)


Hetare T-Shirt sent to Kojiharu’s backroom Kojima Haruna 9PM 6/19 Oh, this is sent here in backroom !! So it means . . . LOL . Please look forward to

AKB48’s upcoming Grand Reformation Festival, who goes where? Chime in with your predictions!


As we all know, during Day 4 of Request Hour 2014 it was announced that there will be a Grand Reformation Festival ( Dai Sokaku Matsuri ) that will happen