How to vote in 2015 AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Why lots of people think AKB48 is a shame of Japan and why I think AKB48’s charm has no border

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

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Looking at the Heart and Soul of AKB48 through Iwata Karen


. ” What the hell is this post!? He sounds like a boy who is in the middle of the bloom of youth lol Annoying middle aged man lol ”

Meet Iwata Karen, the girl who is the reason why you can have hope in AKB48


Iwata Karen, the 12th generation (known as golden gen) member of AKB48. If you ever watched her singing and dancing, or Anime 0048 where she portrayed protagonist Nagisa, or read

Matsui Rena successfully forges a career as Tetsudo Ota and one more about UDON by Iwata Karen


. ” Y= うどん….lol ” And she didn’t need to write “-1Y=1″ twice lol ” ” I can picture the scene where Tanochan is pleasantly calling Karen, UDON. ” ”

Iwata Karen shared a photo of her new short hairstyle and 3 more about SKE48 girls


. ← It contains A1 size poster of this pair O: . ” . ” ↑Somehow this laid-back convers teds woodworking ation healed me so much. ” Cute. ” .

AKB48 Iwata Karen confessed she got nose surgery due to severe sequelae from past fracture


. Before she posted this, some people have rumored that Iwata Karen may have had cosmetic surgery because in recent photos, it was apparent that her nose has changed it’s

Watanabe Mayu 3rd Single "Hikaru Monotachi" (Those who glow), and one more about Iwata Karen


. . ” Suddenly Short hair has become trend in AKB48….. ” Kinda looks like Naana and Sayanee? ” . . zp8497586rq

Karen Iwata Takes On Anti


Karen Iwata G+ Everyone thank you so much(^^)But I get really angry with heartless comments like the one a little above.Yeah I know there’re many people who don’t like me.But

Cupnoodle x AKB48 Vol.4 Karen Iwata Dropped


New commercial series “Real” for Nisshin Cupnoogle pre-released 4th of it’s 5 versions of commercials on their G+ today. The video features Karen Iwata (岩田華怜) from team 4 of AKB48

Karen Iwata To Sing Charity Song Solo For Earthquake-Hit Area, Her Home


According to Mainichi News Agency, On 23th Apr, it’s announced Karen Iwata of AKB48 sang a theme song for Charity Project “Asuhe (For Tomorrow)” For The People Suffered from “Tohoku

Eccentric Fashion Icons of Akihabara48, Karen and Momoka, Team Up! (and 2 other topics on Sashiko and Milky)


Close  Bond between Momoka and Karen Kinoshita Momoka on G+ Let’s head for the battle field….. Iwata Karen on G+ We finished with Akyusyukai~!  It was so much fan!! Thank

Manatsu No Sounds Good! Performed By Media Senbatsu In TV Show Kayoukyoku


AKB48‘s 26th single Manatsu no Sounds Good! will be released today on 23th May. One night away from the release, for TV show Kayoukyoku Senbatsu members of for the single performed

Lets guess who will be Senbatsu members for UZA’s coupling 次のシーズン (Next Season) by Under Girls


” New team A: Iriyama Anna, Iwata Karen, Oshima Ryoka, Kawaei Rina, Takahshi Juri, Tano Yuka New team K: Nagao Mariya, Muto Tomu New team B: Ichikawa Miori, Kato Rena,

Amazing Attack On Titan Cosplay by AKB48 Members


There’s something about beautiful girls cosplaying as bad-ass Anime characters that appeal and grab attention. Check it out some of your favorite idols look rebellious as they are dressed as

AKB48G All Stars on NHK TV show “2 years since the earthquake ~ Towards Tomorrow”, First Public Performance of “Tenohira ga Katarukoto”


In the TV program “2 years since the earthquake ~ Towards tomorrow” (震災から2年 明日へコンサート) on NHK, all groups of AKB48G appeared and sang songs on the stage. AKB’s charity song

AKB48 41st single Preliminary sousenkyo result is out – Sashihara Rino takes the TOP for the THIRD TIME!!!


Well – we’re not sure if we should be surprised with Sasshi taking the #1 again ( this is her third time in a row! )… what are your thoughts?

Under Girls “次のSeason”, a Coupling song to AKB48 28th Single Uza, announced


” Whoa. this completely the same as the prediction of AKB fans ”

Kyowakoku Highlights: Iwata Karen’s famous relatives, Oshima Ryoka’s smelly feet


On a recent episode of Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku aired 20 January, the guests were Matsui Sakiko Iriyama Anna, Iwata Karen, Oshima Ryoka. As this was a Radio Kyowakoku episode, there

Mayuyu’s Galaxy isn’t working right and 3 more about Karen, Yuttan and Unit Matsuri 2013


” ” Staff at NHK: “She ruined it…..” (←Fan’s joke) LOL ” ↑NHK has IshiharaP….. If it’s him, everything is gonna be alright…..!! ” Photographer Erokyan  = Ero Can Do

Japan marks 2nd anniversary of 311: AKB48 Group Members visit disaster hit area and hold live benefit concerts


Today, all AKB48 groups hold charity concerts at their respective theaters. Plus, AKB48 holds mini charity live concert at 6 cities and towns in disaster hit area simultaneously. AKB48 Dareka no

Karen-chan’s Awesome Sense of Fashion (and news about how Takamina might have been hurt at a Hand-Shake event)


Karen-chans awesome sense of fashion!!! Karen Iwata on G+ “Shake-hands event was over….!!No….ツツツ(>_“yeah!! it certainly looks like your style!!”But she never said it’s Kawaii… lol“ Karen on G+ “Everyone, please